Win Pe

1935-1942 Born to father Shwe Pyi U Ba Tin and mother Daw Ohn Thin.
1942-1945 3 years of Second World War, stayed in Sagaing Hill as a war refugee.
1945-1951 High School Days.
1951-1961 Attended Mandalay and Rangoon University. Served as headmaster of (joint) State High School of Htone Gyi, Mandalay Division (1957-1958).
1960-1962 Worked as an art illustrator (cartoonist), foreign editor (appentice) for country’s one of the most influencing newspapers from Mandalay.
1962-1965 Jade mining, ruby and sapphire merchant.
1996-1973 Served as principal of State School of Fine Arts, music and dancing, Mandalay.
1973-1987 Retired form State School of Fine Arts, music and dancing, Mandalay. Served as Deputy Chairman of artist film makers organization from 1985 to 1988.
1988 Participated in National Up-Rising against Military Dictatorship as a member of bar street writers andartists, 16 Member Committee, Yangon.
1989-1994 Painted watercolors, and wrote short stories from 1989 to 1994, very busy with video and film feature story productions.
1994 Arrived USA from September to November. Attended international writing program in Iowa University which earned fellowship for literature. Studied film making in Hollywood under cultural exchange program between Myanmar and USA in December.
1995-1997 Lived in New York City, translating some books on Myanmar Issues written by foreign writer for an NGO Burma Project established by Billionaire George Soros.
1997-2005 Served as one of the founders of radio free Asia (Burmese Service), continued working as Senior Editor for radio free Asia. Wrote many features and investigative reports.
1997-2005 Retired from Washington D.C based radio free Asia and worked as outside contributor for radio BBC and VOA.
2013 Returned to Yanogn after 18 years stay in United State of America. Had Duo Art Exhibition with artist Sein Myint (Shwe Gyi Doe) at Gallery 65.
2014 Had two solo art exhibitions at River Ayeyarwaddy and Beik Thanoe Gallery respectively.
2015-Now Becomes a full time artist and works at Studio 4C, Yangon.

Artist Win Pe (March 3,2017_More Recent Paintings YANGON)

Born and brougnt up in Mandalay.
Learned Art of painting from Father Shwe Pyi U Ba Tin,
High School Art Teacher U Tun Nyunt, U Ba That of Mandalay and U Khin Maung – Bank Mananger of Mandalay.
Studied Education mostly in Mandalay University.
Served as Headmaster of joint state Hight School in Htone Gyi, Mandalay and Principal of Mandalay State School of Art, Music and Dancing from 1966 to 1973.
Exhibited several paintings since childhood in joint public exhibitions.
Close Art colleagues are Khin Maung Yin and Paw Oo Thet.
Apart from Art of Paintig studied Music, Film Making and Writing.

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